RE / MAX YILDIZ COMMERCIAL TEAM, which we established with 16. real estate consultants on 16.10.2017, has shared numerous experiences, made portfolio promotions and visits, received training on issues requiring expertise, made common transactions and accredited commercial professional certificates. received.

Today, as 17 commercial consultants, we meet the needs of our customers in real estate and find solutions to their problems.


How do we work ?

Commercial Team Members meet regularly every week and in order to keep market information up to date at any time;

  • They share the fair value of the transactions that take place in their expertise.
  • They follow the changes in real estate legislation, receive continuous training from subject matter experts.
  • They make periodic expectations analysis of buyers, sellers and investors.
  • They analyze and interpret statistical data.
  • They evaluate the newly launched portfolios and inform their buyers' searches.
  • They provide expertise support for new portfolio of team members.
  • They visit commercial portfolios on site (safaris), taking advantage of being actually on the field.

Our Benefit

We all start working for you when you start working with a consultant from our team with strong communication skills, increasing technical expertise every day and highly experienced in problem solving.

RE / MAX Yıldız Commercial Team



My Active Commercial Building Portfolios

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