Tepeören - Akfırat Region Villa Sites

In Akfırat Evleri built by Milpa – D Yapı in 2008, there are 143 villas, 3 + 1 and 5 + 1. All villas are steel construction, duplex and detached.

Akfırat Evleri; Terakki Foundation Education Campus is always a demanded and high investment value site because it is close to educational institutions such as Koç Schools, Sabancı University, Bilfen Kurtköy, Okan College and Gebze / Tuzla Organized Industrial Zones. As it is close to schools, it is one of the most ideal sites especially for families with children.

At Akfırat Evleri, the issue that professional management attaches importance to is the security. The site environment is monitored 24 hours a day with motion sensor cameras with fiber optic cable infrastructure. There is an automatic registration system with plate registration at the security entrance. The boundaries of the site are surrounded by barbed wires with a diameter of 60 cm and 90 cm. The site also has 2 generators, water well, technical support service. There are city bus services to Kartal from the site entrance.

On the Site there are;
• Outdoor pool
• Cafe – Restaurant
• Walkways
• Basketball court
• Tennis court
• Children’s play area
• There is a Fitness Center.

You can contact me anytime to get more detailed information about Akfırat Evleri.

There are 20 villas in Akfırat Villaları built by Eren İnşaat. You can contact me at any time for more detailed information about Akfırat Villaları.

There are 345 villas in total on the Arkeon Evleri site built by Yapı Merkezi. It is one of the elite sites of Tuzla Tepeören region. Designed for those who want to improve the quality of life, Arkeon Evleri are built to meet the needs of all residents at the highest level. In its social facilities, there is a gym, table tennis, activity room. You can always have a pleasant time thanks to the tennis courts, basketball court, carpet court, playgrounds and walking paths in the site. There are cafes where you can organize events for special occasions and 1 sauna, 4 outdoor swimming pools and 1 indoor swimming pool, which are regularly maintained for residents.

There are 13 different types of villas in the site. There are villas in Arkeon Evleri with different concepts to meet the expectations of each family. The villas in the Arkeon Evleri site are positioned to provide the highest level of peace of residents.

Arkeon Evleri in Tuzla Tepeören region; is really close to the sites that are important for residents such as: Istanbul Park Track, Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Okan University, Sabancı University, Koç Schools, Viaport AVM.
You can contact to get information about Arkeon Houses for sale and for rent portfolios.


There are a total of 9 villas in the Artı Vilallaları site which built by Kaplan İnşaat.

There are 98 villas in the Bautek Kuğu Evleri built by Tırsan – Bautek. In the Akfırat Tepeören region, Bautek Kuğu Evleri s designed in 4 different types, namely Coscosaga, Coscodiva, Coscobella and Coscoluna between 317 and 400 square meters, are located on the Istanbul Park track road.

All of the villas, which are triplex and twin, have French fireplaces, modern designed wooden doors and kitchen decoration, built-in products and fire and burglar alarm to ensure a high level of security.

One of the most important features of Bautek Kuğu Evleri is that it is surrounded by greenery. Besides oak trees, there is a pond and there are running and walking tracks around the pond.

It is 3 km away from TEM highway and Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Bautek Kuğu Evleri is very close to Tuzla and Pendik beach.

Within the Bautek Kuğu Evleri, there is a gym, swimming pool, children’s playgrounds, billiard room, as well as a cafe and restaurant.. 


There are 15 villas in Carpallo Villas which is located on Formula Road and built by Uzunal İnşaat.

It is possible to reach easily from Carpollo Villları to some of the biggest ındustrial zones such as Gebze Organized Industrial, Taysad, Imes, OSB, Chemical Industry and Tuzla Organized Industrial Zone.

There are a total of 11 villas in the Erguvan Houses. It is neighbor with Koru Houses. There is a shared outdoor pool on the site. Terakki Foundation Schools is very close to the Erguvan Evleri region. Triplex, detached and 500 m2 houses have quite large living area and gardens.

There are 62 villas in the Formula Country Site, which was completed in 2010. Formula Country Site is located in Tuzla Tepeören, a decent area of ​​Istanbul, on a 51-decare land on the Istanbul Park Boulevard road. There are 4 types of villas between 278 m2 and 391 m2. All villas are detached. Within Formula Country Site, there is a private parking lot for 2 cars.

Formula Country Site is 5 km from Sabiha Gökçen Airport and 3 km from TEM Kurtköy toll booths.

Formula Country Site has a dynamic and fun structure with proximity Sabancı University campuses, Okan University campuses, Koç Schools, Viaport Shopping Center and Pendik Marina areas.


There are 22 villas in Gülistan Konakları.


Theren are 10 villas in İspanyol Evleri Site which has built y Tümak.


There are 34 villas in Kırklar Vadisi Site which has built by Şanlı İnşaat.


There are 22 villas in the Koru Evleri.


There are 13 villas in Parkville which has built by Çakmak Yapı.


There are 72 villas in the Royal Park Residence built by Kuryap – Royal.


Sultan Konakları, built by Sıddıklar İnşaat, has 23 villas, all of which are detached, with triplex, entrance and garden outlets from the lower floor. There are 2 types of villas: 285 m2 and 400 m2. Sultan Konakları is located on Tepeören Formula Road. It is neighbour with Arkeon Evleri and Tepepark Villaları.

The site has an outdoor pool and a playground.

If we examine the close surroundings of Sultan Mansions, there are Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Viaport, Technopark, Bilfen, Terakki Foundation Education Campus, Sabancı University, Koç Education Campus, Okan University, Gebze / Tuzla Organized Industrial Zones.

You can call me to get detailed information about Sultan Konakları.


There are 101 villas in the Tepeören Villaları site, which is built by Yön Konut. There are 3 different m2 villas: 235 m2 C type, 300 m2 B type, 400 m2 A type. All of the houses are duplex, steel construction and detached. As well as most of the villas have a private pool, but the site has a communal pool, tennis courts, basketball and carpet court, hairdresser, cafe, playground.

Tepeören Villaları is one of the most preferred sites in the region due to its different architecture, social facilities and wide usage area on 2 floors.

Tepeören Villaları are located on Formula Road and it is possible to easily reach the main transportation arteries. Tepeören Villaları  is 10 minutes away from Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Viaport, TEM and Marmara motorway connections.

You can contact to get information about Tepeören Villas for sale and rent portfolios.


There are 42 villas in Tepepark Villas built by Yuvataş.


Active Villa Properties

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